Alan E. Beer Medical Center for Reproductive Immunology: Treatment for recurrent miscarriage and immunologic infertility

Welcome to our web site! The information is based on over 40 years of research in immunology and reproduction studying the embryo as foreign tissue. See: The Program.

The Alan E. Beer Medical Center for Reproductive Immunology treats couples who experience recurrent miscarriages, late pregnancy losses and repeated IVF failures. Alan Beer, an internationally respected physician and research scientist, was the founder of much of the clinical reproductive immunology science used today. Currently, the Alan Beer Center continues to promote Dr. Beer’s clinical work. Dr Stricker provides services to patients throughout the United States as well as internationally. Patients are not required to see the doctor in person. Treatment protocols to address immune issues are based on Dr. Alan Beer’s pioneering clinical research and findings.

Reproductive Immunology

Dr. Beer’s research showed that there are many different immunologic problems that can cause pregnancy loss, IVF failures and infertility (See: Scientific Papers by Alan E Beer). Couples who choose to work with physicians associated with the center often have  suffered many years of recurrent pregnancy loss or repeat unexplained IVF failure. Many of these couples have already attempted pregnancy with the aid of assisted reproductive technology (ART) without success. For this reason, they often feel desperate and cast a wider net looking for miracles. They might have identified conflicting answers through personal contacts and/or from various public sources. We understand that couples have been through years of searching and frustration. However, we are not here to offer the latest fad treatment. The diagnostic procedures and therapies conceived by Dr. Beer have evolved over many years while they are continually being assessed and developed.   For these reasons, we would like patients to read carefully and critically the information provided on this website. See: Testing.

Many will point out that immunologic dysfunction is just one of a wide variety of problems that may lead to infertility and pregnancy loss. Indeed, a large number of pregnancies fail because of chromosomal abnormalities resulting in fetal demise. While we believe that these defects account for a very substantial portion of pregnancy losses, the defects occur randomly and thus are unlikely to be significant causes of recurrent pregnancy losses and repeat IVF failure, especially in younger patients. See: Introduction to the Immune System.

While we do not wish to introduce false hope, we are pleased to report that the methods and protocols conceived by Dr. Beer have achieved high success rates in couples who have failed other therapies.  We will refer to a number of peer-reviewed papers that have been written that provide evidence of their effectiveness. See: Studies on Immune Problems and Recent scientific papers.