New Patient Registration

New Patient Registration

I. How to register

First, call our office at 408-356-9500 and speak with one of our staff. We will provide you with information on how the practice works.

II. Patient Intake Process

Self-Referral by a Patient

Medical records should be sent for the doctor’s office to review.

Physician Referral Please send the patient’s medical records for review. Please include the patient’s home address and phone numbers at which the doctor’s office can contact a patient. The patient will be contacted about the doctor’s registration process. When a patient agrees to register with a doctor, medical records will be reviewed and the proper recommendations will be made. The doctor’s office will inform you by letter as treatment progresses regarding future testing and treatment medications. You may need a Medical Release Form to authorize the release of healthcare information from your local doctor.

General program questions should be emailed to us at: info (at)

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