Submission of Insurance Claims

Submission of Insurance Claims

Please read the important information below about the submission of insurance claims.

1. The doctors’ office will not submit claims. The patient should remember that it is ultimately their responsibility to pay for professional services rendered and charged to them. These services will become the financial responsibility of the patient. Patients will be required to pay the full charges shown on his or her fee slip at the time of service.

2. If a patient receives a denial of benefits, they can send it to the doctor’s office and a letter of medical necessity will be drafted. There is a $75 fee for a letter of medical necessity. Please note: no letters of medical necessity will be issued without  the doctor’s office first receiving the written denial from the insurance company.

3. If the patient’s health insurer subsequently pays for services directly to the physicians, they will return the payment to the insurance company and ask the insurer to send the check to the patient.

4. The doctor’s office will not negotiate discounts or “insurance only” payment arrangements. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient insurance coverage or the personal economic means to pay for your services.

5. The doctor’s office will not continue to “fight” with your insurance company, regarding your coverage, after initially providing reasonable scientific information to support your treatment. Couples afflicted with infertility or pregnancy loss, struggling with insurance reimbursement, soon realize that many tests and procedures associated with their treatment will not be covered. While the doctors will support your efforts to obtain coverage, they cannot provide more than reasonable information to persuade your insurer that these services should be covered.