Treatment Protocol

Standard protocol is outlined below.

Patient Intake Process

Self-Referral by a Patient

The doctors will request that your medical record be sent for them to review. A local physician’s referral letter summarizing your pertinent medical history may substitute for your medical record.

Physician Referral
Please send the patient’s medical records for review. A local physician’s referral letter with a summary of the patient’s pertinent medical history may substitute for the patient’s medical record. Please include the patient’s home address and phone numbers at which they can contact a patient. The patient will be contacted about the registration process. When a patient agrees to start the program with a doctor us, medical records will be reviewed and the proper recommendations will be made. They will inform you by letter as treatment progresses regarding future testing and treatment medications.

Evaluation and Treatment Protocol

  1. Your registration packet and/or medical records will be reviewed by your physician of choice and, based upon the information received, the appropriate testing will be recommended. Please note that there is a record review charge.
  2. After the review, you will be notified by e-mail or phone. The staff will go over the testing that the physician has recommended and send you the necessary requisitions.
  3. At the time of the initial appointment, you will have a consultation to discuss the results of the testing and the treatment protocol that the physician is recommending.
  4. All services will need to be paid at the time of the appointment.
  5. If at some point additional evaluations are needed, the doctor’s office will contact you to set up a follow-up consultation with the doctors to go over your results and any changes in the treatment plan.
  6. After the consultation, a letter will be sent out to  your local referring physician to inform      him/her of the test results and treatment plan and you will receive a copy of the letter. If you have self-referred, you will be sent two copies of the plan to take to your physician.

Changes to this protocol are made based on the individual needs of the patient. Adherence to this protocol will expedite scheduling appointments and treatment.